Divorce Lawyer Tooele 801-676-5507 Separation and Divorce in Utah

Divorce Lawyer Tooele 801-676-5507 Separation and Divorce in UtahAre you looking for a Utah Divorce Lawyer in Salt Lake?

Whether you live in Pepperwood Utah you need to talke to Mike Anderson.  He is the Utah divorce attorney you need to talk to.  



The other day I received this question: Exactly how Do I Discover When My Divorce Is Final?

Excellent question, I responded: When did you file for divorce?

The feedback came: Well, I believe my ex lover filed a couple of years ago.

” Alright” I responded, “Do you understand your case number?”


Let’s look by name then – … we searched by name and we couldn’t discover her instance. We attempted days of birth as well as we tried her ex’s name. Nothing turned up. I asked her if she had ever seen divorce documents. She claimed she believed she had, but her ex-spouse informed her he was dealing with it. I had her call her ex-spouse, obtain a situation number as well as call me back.

Lengthy tale shorter – he had never ever declared separation!

Can you believe it!

Yea, it holds true. She assumed they had actually been divorced for at the very least 2 years, but nothing was ever submitted with the court.

Now, if you are sure that a separation case was submitted and also you have an instance number, a lawyer could quickly look up your case as well as figure out what the standing of the situation is. We just log into the court’s system right here in Utah and also we search by the case number as well as we could pull up the court docket as well as we could inform you just what has taken place in case.

If you wish to know when your case was completed, we could seek out that also, yet we can’t get you qualified duplicates of court papers and, unless we represent you, we cannot even consider the court documents due to the fact that they are exclusive documents.

If you keep us as your lawyers, we could bring up every one of the documents on your situation as well as obtain you copies of your divorce decree, adjustments, short-term orders or whatever the case maybe.

I share this story because I desire you to understand that if your spouse moves out and also tells you they are applying for divorce, you ought not believe it up until you receive divorce documents.

If you do get divorce papers, you need to contact our office to talk about ways to move forward in your separation situation so that you can do exceptionally well.

So whether you have actually a contested situation or an uncontested instance, we enjoy to assist you.

Call us when you need help or have inquiries.

Ascent Law LLC
8833 S. Redwood Road, Suite C
West Jordan, Utah

84088 United States
Telephone: (801) 676-5507

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